Relationship And Behaviour Between Kids And Parents

Saturday, February 18, 2012 16:00
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The relationship between you and your parents can change over time. The older you get the much more it changes. As a child, your parents are you hero’s, they supply you with everything you need in life, they hold your hand via tough times and pretty significantly do every thing for you! From the day you’re born to about age 12 you and your parents share a extremely close bond with every other. You do lots of activities and other things together, mostly due to the fact as a child you can’t do a lot on your own that why your parents are there.

They are there to love you, help you when you need it and to show you the road to adulthood. Yes it is accurate that they guide you to adulthood but at a particular point in you teenage years you grow to be much more independent and begin to branch off from your parents. You begin thinking that you can do everything on your own without your parents help. You invest a lot more time with your friends then you parents. Basically your relationship with your parents changes significantly.

The parents are always shocked by this and usually try to smother the child with love so that the child would come back to them but that generally doesn’t work. It is not that the children have stopped loving their parents but a whole new world has been opened to them and they are ready to explore it without the parents holding their hand and guiding them to where they will need to be. Being a teenager is a new world and it brings far more socializing then spending high quality time with your parents.

Building a healthy relationship with your child is feasible it isn’t simple but it is feasible. You need to have an understanding with you child. For them to be well behaved and respectful children you need to show them what they can and can’t do. Set boundaries. Life isn’t fare and youngsters can’t always do the same thing as adults so you have to tell them what they can and cannot do. You have to set a punishment.

Tell them what your rules are and let them know that this will occur to you if you break the rules or don’t listen to me. The final step is you have to enforce your rules. The child knows the rules and the consequences and now you have to put those into action. Those are some very good tips for having a well behaved child grow up into a well behaved teenager. Teenagers do love their parents but it’s just that the world is there to be explored and they don’t want an individual nagging them by means of it.

It make seem as if they are not close anymore but that’s not the case, the case is the parents act as an anchor to the kid not allowing them to explore. They leave them in their sheltered lives and cut off the outside world from them. As the teenager gets older it gets even more distinct. For a short period they completely isolate themselves from their parents and go on with their social life. As they get even older they begin to understand what they took for granted as kids is still there for them to take pleasure in a small although longer.

Their relationship opens up once more and returns to the typical course it followed before. When the kid finally reaches the unique point in their referred to as adulthood that is when it is time to let go and let your child soar free of charge and obtain their goals! You cannot hold on to them forever sooner or later they had to reach the point where they are fully independent. You really should be proud that they have made it not sad that you and your child don’t share the same bond as before. It is time to let go!

Over the years a child grows their relationship changes. Just like any relationship it has its ups had been you and your parents are as close as ever, enjoying every other’s company and the downs were you and your parents really feel that you are from completely diverse worlds, thinking how can we ever be related we are so various. Overall a relationship can be hectic but it can also be an wonderful journey, all you have to do is come along for the ride!

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