Compilation of Great Parenting Advice

Friday, April 20, 2012 5:57
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Lock your bedroom door.

Some people put a cowbell on their kids’ door. Just don’t count on hearing a knock just before you hear the worst words, “daddy, what are you performing to mommy.” A lock is quite inexpensive insurance.

Take thousands and thousands of photos.

With digital that’s easy to do. The trick is to edit them so that your computer isn’t storing thousands and thousands of pictures. Garry Winogrand, the wonderful 20th century black and white photographer died with 2500 rolls of undeveloped film. He shot and shot and his skill was in discovering the diamonds in the rough. With children, this is doubly crucial since they rarely sit still for ideal images. The more you shoot, the greater chance you’ll capture the real them.

Leave a loaded camera on the kitchen counter and be ready for each and every photo opportunity. The worst camera to have is the one you do not have with you when the ideal shot happens. Rather than purchasing a super-duper camera, the best dad photographers have a fairly cheap point and shoot camera that’s small enough to maintain in a pocket and constantly at the ready.

Learn how to juggle.

Juggling amazes little and even huge youngsters. It’s something you can teach them later and it’s a basic dad skill.

Kiss your wife goodbye and hello in front of the children.

No can overestimate the value of showing the kids every single day that they live in a loving and secure property. Do this particularly if you’re mad or having a fight. It may possibly just have some side advantages to your marriage as well.

Stay away from passing poor habits on to your kids.

If you swear or smoke, believe about how your children are likely to imitate you. It’s a huge responsibility.

Do not set your sights to high on what type of dad you ought to be.

Every dad wants to be a “excellent dad,” but we all lose our temper, will need a break from the children, and sometimes wonder what we may have carried out with out the responsibilities of parenthood. We’re all human, so give your self a break from worrying that you could be greater. Just try to be the best dad you can be at your next shot, regardless of whether that is story-reading time tonight or a day at a ballgame this weekend.

Acquire a minivan.

Though not genuinely a “tough” vehicle, a minivan is the best family vehicle for its sheer practicality and the comfort it offers.

Watch cartoons with your kids. Understand the lyrics to the songs. Get MP3s and play them in the auto.

The kids will be impressed that you want to join their club.

Be consistent.

Kids like structure and the far more you repeat and model consistent behavior, the far better chance your children will act accordingly.

Luckily for you, quite a few of the parenting skills come naturally to new dads if you’re able to grow with the role of being a dad.

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