Bonding Activities for Introverted Children

Tuesday, February 28, 2012 4:08
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My father spent many years trying to bond with his son, that’s me, with limited success. It was not until he found the right combination of activities that I actually opened up. I was a difficult kid to raise and I have been making it up to him and myself for a long time now. He has no lingering regrets or ire, but I feel like I wasted a lot of time. My borderline autistic behavior must have been difficult for him to deal with. Here are the activities that finally caught my interest and helped me to bond with my father.

My father is the only reason I know how to make shots through basketball hoops. His knees limited him from demonstrating anything having to do with running or kicking, but he was always proud of his shots and showed me how to replicate them. Basketball hoops are quite high for a child of my age at the time, so it gave me a goal to achieve. He was always encouraging, showing me the exact hand motions he was using.

Not every kid likes to spend time at the basketball hoops and I can promise you that I was not the most athletic child. Most of the time, I would rather wander an art gallery or a museum than run around a court while chasing a ball. If you have a museum devoted to science in your area then I suggest starting there. These are usually filled with more interactive learning activities than art museums. I was lucky. I grew up in the Boston area, which has both the Boston Children’s Museum and the Boston Museum of Science. Both of these are amazing places for the imaginative and scientifically minded child such as me.

These are just a few suggestions that I know were important in forming my relationship with my father. My personality and learning style were speed bumps on the road of life and he did well to work with me.

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