6 Practical Tips for Long-distance God Parents

Tuesday, July 5, 2011 16:41
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Each and every Godparent who lives in one country while their Godchild resides in yet another country should really feel a small bit concerned about how they will do justice to their role. I felt the exact same way recently, when one of my dearest pals and colleague entrusted her precious firstborn daughter to me as 1 of her two Godparents.

The family resides in the Caribbean and I am in Central America. Accurate, not too far away. Nevertheless, I am not in the exact same country and it is still going to be lengthy-distance affair. As in any relationship, distance can make a negative impact.

Since being asked, I have been thinking about my role a lot. Moreover, I am accustomed to wearing the other shoe – giving parents guidance on this issue. For that reason, I decided to revisit and listen to my own counsel. I believe it wise to take my own advice prior to all my older, and my newest, Godchildren decide to get rid of me.

Being a Godmother, or Godfather is far a lot more serious than quite a few individuals recognize. I may possibly be stating the obvious for some of you. Nonetheless, the fact is too numerous persons (including some parents) tend to see this responsibility as a position of status and prestige, without realizing that an awesome responsibility has been placed in their hands. So I made up a list for myself and I’m sharing it with you.

6 Useful Lengthy- Distance God Parenting Tips

Attend Initial Ceremony – It doesn’t matter how far away you live. You ought to be present at this 1st ceremony of Baptism or Dedication. Some churches make this mandatory. My sister & colleague is Moravian and my presence is mandatory. I guess I won’t be missing this ceremony!

Make a Chart of your 1 or numerous God children- I have 6! I heard of this exceptional notion and thought it was just so practical. Keep your chart in a prominent location. It can be a mini-1 in your diary or a significant one hanging from a wall in your bedroom or office. Use this chart to also increase your prayers for your Godchild.

List their names, birthday, date of Baptism or Dedication, other rites of passage like 1st day at school and so on. In this regard, you will will need the help of the parents to send you informative updates and photos.

Pray Regularly – Keep your Godchild(ren) on your prayer list and pray for them. Your role as Godparent is to provide spiritual nurture. It is not for buying pricey presents unlike what popular culture would have you think.

Maintain Contact and Communication – Even before the child is able to speak, ask the parents to put him or her on the phone so they get accustomed to hearing your voice. Trust me, your Godchild will recognize you by your voice the initial time they physically meet you. Maintain in contact by sending cards and letters on occasions such as the anniversary of their Baptism/Dedication, birthdays, illness, or to say ‘you are in my thoughts’.

Today’s children appear to be born understanding how to use a laptop or computer. They are a lot more advanced that we the are. If you are reading this on-line, then perhaps you are not too ancient then. Maintain in touch via the Internet by making use of email and Instant Messengers. This can turn out to be a helpful means of contact and your Godchild knows he or she has someone they can talk to besides their parents.

Invest Time With Your Godchild – Whenever achievable invest time with the family of your Godchild and also invite them, or the child alone, to spend time with you. This may contain Summer vacations or other school breaks and use of your vacation time.

Give Spiritually Nurturing Care and Gifts – Too frequently parents look for Godparents not for the spiritual care they can give, but for their capacity to purchase their children high-priced gifts. Those parents have missed the point of this religious role. When properly understood, God parents should appreciate their role primarily as support in spiritual education and nurture of youngsters.

Even though you are far away, you can still give meaningful gifts that will help to affirm the spiritual care and education of your Godchild. It makes sense then that your gifts be mostly of a religious nature. This is not an effortless option when competing with violent video games, dolls that scream out commercialized versions of beauty, and other useless and psychologically damaging toys.

So, I hear the question each godparent should now be asking. Where on earth do I get these ‘spiritual nurturing gifts’ that are not boring? Listen, that is a whole new story. I’m still searching so look out for my suggestions.

Happy Godparenting with renewed committment!

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